Failure is not an option! My journey to empowered success

In Success by Lois Banta

I grew up in a low income, “not much expected of you” environment.  We really weren’t expected to graduate from high school let alone grow into a strong and successful people.  As young as I can remember, I had a burning desire to make a difference in society, life and work.  My heroes have always been strong women—Carol Burnett for her humor, Beverly Sills for amazing musical ability, Ellen DeGeneres for her determined kindness, Linda Miles for her success in the business side of the dental industry … just to name a few.  I gravitated toward movies about perseverance, overcoming obstacles and … happy endings.  Fast forward to my life now, and it never occurred to me in starting my consulting company that I might fail. Failure just wasn’t an option.  You see, I believe there is no limit, no glass ceiling on what a woman can accomplish in business.  I live by the rules if someone tells me I can’t, I say, Watch me!”.

I have worked in four different dental practice during the first 25 years of dentistry.  Many have heard my story that I started as a dental assistant—not for the weak of heart as I discovered.  It turns out I faint at the sight of blood.  Not the best quality to have as a dental assistant.  Dental assistants are my heroes. They are hard working, read minds kind of people.  So, after I fainted three times, my dentist finally escorted me up to the business office and encouraged me to change my role.  I found my happy home.  I discovered what I was meant to do.  I LOVED the business side of running a dental practice!  Twenty-five years later, I began helping my boss’ friends and teach the administrative teams how to get the results I was getting, and my new career in dental consulting was born.  When I started my dental consulting career part time while still working full time in a dental practice in 1996, I found it very rewarding to teach others how to improve their bottom line while lowering stress.  I called Linda Miles and asked her to hire me.  Linda encouraged me to start my own consulting company and invited me to attend The Speaking Consulting Network (SCN).  I went to that conference in 1998 and haven’t looked back.  I found my niche and my true calling.

In 2010, I bought SCN from Linda Miles.  There were MANY doubters that said I didn’t have the name to carry on something that Linda Miles had started.  They said I couldn’t do it and wouldn’t be successful at it.  Again, I said, “Watch me.” J  Interestingly, I joined SCN to only build a consulting business.  I didn’t have a desire to be a speaker.  And I definitely never thought I would be a writer and publish a book!  Turns out, I LOVE speaking and writing has become an amazing and creative outlet for me.

I have now owned The Speaking Consulting Network for six years, and SCN has grown every single year.  You see, I didn’t let it occur to me that I might fail.  I now realize the awesome responsibility to help other build a successful speaking, consulting and writing career.  SCN lives in a spirit of abundance.

My goal is always to create an environment where every person who dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur has the opportunity, tools and village to support that.

This business is not for sissies.  What I have discovered is that surrounding yourself with strong and powerful women with entrepreneurial spirit changes live and can change the world … one woman at a time.

Lois Banta is CEO, and Founder of Banta Consulting, Inc. and is also the owner and CEO of The Speaking Consulting Network.  Banta Consulting specializes in all aspects of dental practice management.  Lois has over 40 years of dental experience.  To contact Lois for a personal consultation or to invite Lois to speak to your organization:  Office-816-847-2055, Address: 33010 NE Pink Hill Rd ~ Grain Valley, MO 64029, Email:  Website: