Dress like a Champion. Overcome the Obstacles. Think Twice.

In Style by Debora Carrier

Dressing for success is not a new topic however people who are required to wear uniforms to work generally do not think much about how they look as they walk out the door each morning,

I want you to take a mental selfie of yourself at work yesterday.

Did you look professional?

Did your garments adhere to infection control/OSHA guidelines?

Did you feel comfortable?

Would you like a healthcare professional treating you dressed like this?



Studies show that patients perceive they are getting better treatment when their healthcare provider is dressed professionally, appropriately, and in eye pleasing colors. It tells them you respect yourself, you respect them and you expect to be treated with respect. How you look and feel at work will directly affect your bottom line attracting more patients and keeping them coming back.


Infection control guidelines can vary from state to state, however for the most part we are all required to be covered from our neck to our knees with closures at our wrists. These guidelines are in place not only to protect your patients but also to protect yourself. Ignoring these guidelines will eventually affect you and your patients.


The number one conflict in the dental office between employees is the thermostat. Typically the people who work in the back office are too hot and the people in the front office are too cold. Do ignore guidelines and professionalism to stay warm or cool? Do bundle up in layers under your scrubs to stay warm or not wear a jacket because you are too hot? Being comfortable at work will allow you to perform your duties to the best of your ability and keep peace in the office.

I am a dental professional and like you I have struggled with all of these obstacles on a daily basis. Over the last few years I developed and patented a temperature regulating uniform that allows the wearer to be both comfortable and adhere to infection control guidelines. The styles are professional and more flattering than most uniforms and the fabrics are longer lasting, not fading or shrinking, so they allow you to wear them longer and remain looking polished. They have made my daily work as a dental hygienist much more enjoyable and I look and feel much more professional. My patients have commented on this and tell me they appreciate the efforts.

Tomorrow as you are getting ready for work THINK TWICE.

Take a selfie and ask yourself.

Would I want this healthcare professional treating me?

Look Great, Feel Great, Be Great,


Debora Carrier, RDH

CEO Twice as Nice Uniforms