The Truth About Being a DeW

In Inspiration, Trending by Claudia Lovatto

I must say, when I saw the title of this new magazine, I fell in love and was secretly a little jealous. I’m over the moon for the color and the logo. It makes me smile every time I see it. Dang, it looks good! So clever!

However, I wasn’t jealous of the logo or because I wanted a magazine of my own. Nor was I envious of another woman’s success. Oh no. So why a little jealous? The name “DEW” happens to be be part of a nickname I was given by a co-worker. She actually calls me her Little Dew Drop.

Why did she give me that nickname? It goes back to 2010. We were both instructors at a college. She was a phlebotomy instructor and I was teaching dental assisting. We were cubicle mates and friends. One day, she shared something she was thinking of doing. I don’t remember exactly what it was. Perhaps applying for a promotion, starting her own business, or moving on to greener pastures. I really don’t remember. My response was just do it! She said really? Do you really think I should? My memory is hazy, however, knowing myself, I know I said “just do it” enough, that she started calling me “Dew Drop”.

It became our mantra. On not so good days, it was our battle cry. I would come to my desk and find a picture she drew with a messages like “Have a great day and Dew it good!”. This went on for a while. We worked opposite shifts so sometimes our paths wouldn’t cross. We would leave each other notes with our Dew it phrases.

Eventually we both transitioned out of the school, as it goes for adjunct instructors. We have lost contact over the years but every now and then, I get a text message “How’s my little Dew Drop?”

As DEW’ers, we have a choice everyday to encourage and support each other, or go it alone.

I don’t know about you, but celebrating success is so much better with company. Especially when that company cheered you on along the way. Having so many friends in the industry, cheering them on during their process is something I enjoy and the least I can do. When my DEW friends achieve what they set out to do, it’s like we all won. We celebrate each other.

The truth is, being a DEW isn’t easy. It’s rough. You can’t get through it without getting some bumps and bruises. It takes courage. Some days can be so rough that you want to give up. Some days can be so ugly, that the only thing that gets you through it is that email, text or phone call from that special DEW friend telling you not to give up. Push through and DEW it!!

I have a lot of people to thank for helping me through those rough days. Being a sounding board, listening to my ideas, being brutally honest and offering a kind word when one was needed.

As a DEW, there are things we push through that we hide and keep to ourselves. If we’re lucky, we have a tribe of DEW’ers, a “DEW Crew” that we can share openly with, without judgement. They are more valuable than gold.

You see, the truth about being a DEW is that what you see on the Facebook feed is the highlight reel. The pictures of us at shows with our exhibitor lanyards on, our good hair days, celebrating our wins, is just not the entire picture.

As I sit here writing this, it’s 4pm, I’m still in my pajamas, no makeup on, and swollen eyes from an all day crying spell. I was awakened by a 5am business call. Clients in different time zones forget which zone I’m in. After the call, I started working. My in-box was flooded and my notifications were going berzerk. No time to get dressed. Grabbed a cup of coffee and before I knew it, it’s 4pm. Gee, why am I so hungry?

Why the tears? A little over a year ago, my mom passed away. During that time, I was deep into a project. When she was passing, I put my project on hold and focused on the planning side of helping her transition peacefully onto her next adventure. After she so beautifully and gracefully passed, I was bombarded with the family drama that seems to always accompany the passing of a loved one. Once the dust settled, I was back in my office. Time to get back to work and pick up where I left off. I immersed myself in my work and I now know, I skipped my grieving process. But as most of you know, that is something you can’t skip. It will come out. I knew it would. I recently spoke to a fellow DEW friend while we were at the Chicago Midwinter and told her I was afraid to have a good cry because I may not be able to stop. She assured me I could and would stop. Well, I haven’t stopped yet. Being the friend that she is, she knew it and she called and lifted me up and talked me through my emotions. This is something we DEW for each other.

What started this crying fit? My mom came to me in a dream. I didn’t see her face, but she was in the backseat of the car and she reached over the seat and held my hand. It was a warm, happy feeling. The tears started when I woke up and realized I won’t have that feeling again. I miss holding her hand.

My little momma had a DEW it spirit. She raised me to believe I could do anything. She always focused on the positive. Being raised by her, positivity was my normal. Negativity is very foreign to me.

The fact that I have been crying all day would not sit well with her. I’m pretty sure she would say “that’s enough.”

You see, the truth about being a DEW is it isn’t always pretty. Some days it’s downright ugly. Somedays, like today, my appearance could scare a small child. Somedays, the tears fall on our keyboards. On those days, if we’re lucky, our DEW Crew sends us warm thoughts, virtual hugs, and a gust of wind beneath our wings. That’s right, I just threw a Beaches reference out there.

The truth is, it takes true grit to be a DEW. It also takes a DEW Crew on the ready for backup, encouragement, and on the good, the bad, and the downright ugly days, all out DANCE IT OUT mayhem!

For my DEW Crew, who has lived through losing a parent, a child, a grandchild, the disappointment of business deals that didn’t work out, getting a “no” instead of a “yes”. The judging comments when you put your children in daycare to pursue your dream. You know who you are. I’m forever grateful that I get to be part of your DEW Crew and part of your journey.

Most especially, for my dear momma who taught me how to see the good in every situation, and that in every disappointment, if you look close enough, bigger and better things will be revealed.