DeW is FAB and is celebrating this holiday weekend with you!

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That’s right, ladies, women in dentistry, DeW Life magazine is For women, About women and By women. It’s FAB!

You may have read my editorial in our first print edition which tells what prompted me to begin this journey. What you may not know is how it all began.

I was born in Dayton, Ohio, to Ed and Max Linesch. I am the first daughter and one of five. I have an older brother, two younger brothers and a baby sister. I was raised in a Catholic family and continue to grow in my faith to this day.

There are a couple things I remember in my childhood that tell a tale of how I got to this moment. I was always rooting for the underdog. In fact, I even tried to beat up the neighborhood bully when he went after my older brother one day. I still have a vivid memory of that small victory. No, I did not win the fight, but I learned it was important to stand up for the rights of others.

Growing into my teen years I found myself in many leadership roles. I didn’t necessarily seek these roles out, they seemed to come my way. One day I was on the phone with my dad and he lovingly called me a “pushy broad.” I have carried that with me all these years and proudly continue to honor him with my pushy broadness. If you ask my brothers they will say, I was and still am Miss Bossy pants.

I met my college sweetheart in the summer of my junior year at Ohio State while I was in the dental hygiene program. Tom played basketball for University of Dayton and was working at a chemical plant pouring concrete for the summer. After graduating, I trekked through Europe with my girlfriends for a few months and came home to settle into my first dental hygiene job.

I married Tom, the love of my life, a year later and off we went building our life while moving around the country with his corporate job. I took 6 state boards, gave birth to three amazing kids and eventually we landed in Charlotte, NC.

Whoa, I said to myself, I am not taking another board. I will find something else to do outside of dentistry. Well you know how that turned out. I couldn’t leave the profession I loved. I took the 2-day state board at Chapel Hill and started working 2 days a week. One of the great things about dental hygiene is the schedule you can have when you are raising a family.

When another move loomed in front of us, my husband came home and said he was going to quit his corporate job and start his own company so we could anchor in Charlotte and raise our family. Our oldest was in sixth grade and it was time to put some roots down. I thought, this is wonderful, Tom is so smart and we will be millionaires before long.

Man plans and God laughs. About a year in, we realized that we were sucking wind and that I needed to make more money to keep the kids in the school we chose, not to mention putting food on the table. I seriously remember putting $2.00 of gas in my minivan because that is all the money I had in my wallet and all the money we had in the bank. (Riches to rags will test your character and core. I highly recommend itJ)

Right about that time I was introduced to a company called Oxyfresh that sold toothpaste and mouth-rinse. I knew I had to either work full time as a hygienist or figure out another way to earn income. Fascinated by the clinical results of the product line, I jumped in and built a team of leaders. It was my first dip into entrepreneurism. I loved the personal development and the leadership training. I was learning about vision and living a life of purpose. Quickly I moved to the top of the company, working from home and keeping my two days in the dental office. I credit this to being desperate and hungry. I honestly didn’t realize I was using my strengths, I was simply scared knew I couldn’t quit.

At my first Oxyfesh trade show, I meet a gentleman that was starting a new magazine called Dental Entrepreneur for dentists on the business side of dentistry. At the time, he was going up against Dental Economics which was like David and Goliath. When he switched gears to go directly to the dental graduate, he called me and ask if I would come on board to sell ads. I remember, asking my mentor, Connie Dugan, whether it would be a good idea and she said, “Why not?” I literally packed my bag and was off to San Francisco for the ADA’s Annual Conference 5 days later. As I like to say here, the rest is history!

For now, fast forward to Easter Sunday, 2017. As I have completed my Lenten promises and entered the new days that Easter brings, I am so very humbled and grateful for the nudge I had that led me to birth DeW Life magazine, a vehicle to share your story; to share your knowledge, your defeats, your victories. WE are in this together. DeW Life is For you, About you and By you. It is FAB just like you!

Wishing you and your families a glorious holiday weekend and joyful year.

— Anne Duffy




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