Popping Bottles For Women Everywhere!

In Inspiration, Success, Trending by Amisha Singh

pop-1It is celebration time here at DeW as we celebrate the inaugural launch of the magazine which we hope will mean so much to so many! At the annual Hinman Dental Conference, in hot and happening Atlanta, GA, some of the most inspiring women in dentistry gathered to pop a bottle in honor of DeW! We talked about the amazing reasons we DeW what we DeW.


Being a woman means having lots of different roles and loving each role with your entire being. As women who are pursuing a career while holding down the fort in our homes, support is a must. And support is exactly what DeW is all about. This magazine was launched with the intent to unify all women in dentistry and have them share their joys and their struggles alike. DeW gives women in dentistry their own unique and colorful voice. DeW becomes a platform for women in our amazing profession to talk. And so when I heard about the goal, I had to get on board. Because advocating for women, in dentistry and beyond, is such a large part of being a woman with a voice.


I often tell my students, words have the power to change the world. Just like water is what carves canyons, words not only document history but also create it. What, after all, brought Hitler to power? Before the armies and the wars came the speeches that moved an entire population to atrocity. So those of us who deal in words have a choice: what will we do with the power hidden behind the art we create? As a writer, I have a responsibility to use my words to bring power and pride to those around me. And that is what DeW allows me to do. It allows me to write words which bridge women in a profession which changes lives by creating smiles.


And smiles were seen left and right at our inaugural launch for this very reason. Since sharing smiles is what we are all about, we encourage you to join our movement and share some smiles of your own! Join the DeW Happiness Challenge and unlock amazing free DeW content to enjoy. All you have to do is choose 5 women who inspire you and tell them. How often do we suppress generous thoughts and keep our inspiring and uplifting remarks to ourselves, relegated to the reader board of our mind? Well, we are inspiring you to stop this and share these smiles! If you send 5 women an encouraging or uplifting message of your choice, you can see firsthand what DeW is all about! Subscribe now or get a taste with our Happiness Challenge here.

You can also check out our inaugural launch video here.