Less IS More

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We recently sold our home of 13 years. We did not raise our children in that house but over those years my husband and I seemed to have collected a plethora of things that are of no use to us now. I probably would not have come to this realization if not for having only 2 weeks to pack up the 8,000 square foot house and move out.

Purging is a process!

Back in the day, as they say, we did quite a bit of entertaining. Glasses, dishes, platters, vases and table linens were used, enjoyed and stowed away. New bedding was purchased and the old bedding was closeted. This same scenario played out with board games, small kitchen appliances, clothing, etc. Let me just say I am not a hoarder.

Why am I writing this blog? I want to share with you the lesson I learned this week…



Do not wait until the FOR SALE sign in your front yard says SOLD!  I am confident telling you this because my girlfriends and my daughter stopped by to help pack up my kitchen and empty some closets. That was very appreciated! After lending me a few hours of their day they ALL told me they went home and began thinning out their belongings. They said it was very therapeutic and refreshing. I guess we all hang onto things too long and for all kinds of reasons.

Dead end jobs, dysfunctional relationships, old grudges and excess belongings. All things we hang onto until we are brave enough or have said “enough is enough” to let it go, give it to God or take it to Good Will. Releasing is freeing, cleansing, and powerful. It is a process and requires some discipline but the results are worth it.  Life is way too short to wake up day after day with dread or feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

Less IS more. Get started!