The Art of the Matter…Part 2

In Inspiration, Style by Dr. Betty Orr

I wrote, The Art of the Matter, thinking my story was

through…but a recent visit with women who DeW,

inspired me to write Part II

A good friend of mine, life coach Kelley Doyle Snyder, recently asked me why I thought art was so important, having just attended an event the night before with her mentor, Brené Brown, who started the conversation.

Ironically, the article I had just written for DeW.Life titled, “The Art of the Matter”, was still warm on my desktop, poised to be referenced at just that moment, thinking I had already said all that I wanted to say…or at least written it.

But as always after a visit with my sister mystic Kelley, I was left to think higher and to look deeper.

Zentangle in Progress, #2

In “The Art of the Matter”, I said I art to be free,but at the end of the day, its not about me. When Love is invoked and Creative force received the artist is a medium for love and unity.

And so to my friend Kelley, because she said it best:“Free people, free people” to free others from their stress. Helping others clearly see and liberate themselves, from outcome expectations and the goals of someone else. To create with wild abandon…to be wild and to be free.

A zentangle starts quite simply you see, a pen and paper is all you need. Start with some circles and maybe some squares…some squiggles here, and some words there. I share this artist’s life with you…the Artist’s life for me.