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Why I Am No Longer A Dental Hygienist

In My Story, Video by Sherelle Briers RDH

Hello My name is Sherelle Briers and thank you for watching MY VIDEO. So I’m here at home on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I decided to make a video in response to the common replies I get when I tell people that I am a retired Dental Hygienist. Their response is usually something like ‘Retired’! Why? What happened? So here it is:

After 20 years of being a Clinical Dental Hygienist it’s amazing how one day can change your life forever. As I lay there on the concrete I felt a sharp pain but its origin is unknown. I saw the blood on my hands then tried to get up off the ground and couldn’t. At that moment, I realized I had been shot, I look down and saw it was my thumb of my dominant hand, and I immediately knew I wasn’t going to work next week. I had no idea at that moment that my Clinical Dental Hygiene career was over! After four years there is still pain in making that statement. I had many questions like, how will I make it? I am a single mother with a 17year old son at the time who had dreams of going to college. His college savings, my 401K, and savings accounts is what sustained us in that time.

The adrenaline rush is what got me off the ground and I ran to my neighbor’s house for help. They called 911 and I never thought the faint sound of a siren miles away would be the sound of comfort. Along with the fact that I was an adamant watcher of the hit TV show series The Bible; that too is what kept me sane in that moment. I recalled a scene when they beat Jesus terribly and made him carry his own cross that later he would hang on. In my mind, if he could handle all that pain; then this was nothing and I repeatedly called his name until the ambulance arrived. Once the police arrived I started to realize by the questions asked and information given that I was staked out at a check cashing place where I was sending money to China to purchase goods to sell to family and friends. I did this often to supplement my part-time Hygienist income. Now that’s a story for a later time.

Well anyway, what had happened was, one of the guys came into the store to see how much money I had and when he heard the teller say $600 he immediately went back to the car and told the other 3 culprits that I had the amount they were looking for; follow her. When in fact, I gave the money to the teller but he didn’t stay in the store long enough to see the entire transaction because now all I had in my wallet was $62. So these 4 idiots proceed to follow me home, waited until I got out of my car approaching the trunk to get my few bags of grocery when two guys ambushed me and fired two shots. One of the guys proceeded to say “Give me your purse”, grabbed it and to my relief I heard the patter of their footsteps getting further and further away. I stayed on the ground pretending to be dead until I heard the getaway car speed off.

I never thought of having a back-up plan to my Dental Hygiene career because Hygiene was all I knew really. However, while in Dentistry I quickly learned what this industry was missing and created products starting in 2008 to ultimately make my job easier. For more information on my business products look for more videos.

Just to wrap up this beautiful tragedy the four life changers that robbed me were sentenced as such: The shooter got 35 years prison time, the stakeout guy got 20 years, the other culprit got 10 years, and the one who told got 2 years. I pray for them often because I have a son their age and I can’t imagine his youth taken in this way.

Now as for me, I still suffer with arthritic pain and diminished sensation in my thumb, and moderate PTSD but I’m here.

I am currently expanding The OHI Recare System that will forever tie me to the dental industry and making The OHI Card Program known to nursing homes throughout America is my new career path.

Once a Dental Hygienist always a Dental Hygienist!

My love for a liberating life that I am currently creating right in front of my viewers is what makes this show interesting. This platform will allow me to share information that I have learned in developing a patent, copyright, branding & marketing of two dental products. It will also allow me to connect with others who want to create their own business that sustains the lifestyle they want. My dream is for the website to become known to the female community as the think tank for business. I am well on my way to living my best life.