In Style, Success by Dr. Betty Orr


It’s rather easy to give a good interview. All it takes is some spit and polish, composure and confidence. Oh…and a nice suit, yes…a nice suit. You know what they say about first impressions.

Man in PJ's at inerview. In truth, no potential hire had ever walked into my office looking shabby.

Quite the contrary…most professionals know how to dress the part.

Composure and confidence was also the standard attitude, resumé in hand, a professional headshot…even a publication or two.

First impressions determine how well an individual conforms to a standard set of behavioral norms and achievement expectations. How an individual responds to the day to day pressures of their job and of their lives… now that takes at least 30 days.

The ego knows where to hide..but not for long. Eventually, it shows up as impatient, boastful and unkind.   Love, on the other hand, reveals herself with kindness and humility. She laughs through her day and makes others laugh too. She does her job well and shares responsibility with you.

She cares for her

patients with skill

and with grace.

And comes to work with a smile on her face.


A job interview is like a flower’s bud…merely a promise of its potential to bloom.