Follow the Quest

In Inspiration by Amber Auger

“Everybody gets called, you can choose to answer it or not. Once you do answer it, you’re going to be faced with obstacles and challenges.”- Oprah

Changing your life is not fun.

When you step up to who you are supposed to be in the world, expect to be challenged, hurt, despaired, and double guessing yourself. A road of trails, obstacles, and temptations help shed our fears, which refine us for what we are meant to become. When it comes time for you to step into the call of your life, you will be prepared.

Often, our own self-abuse binds us in a life of mediocrity. We wrap our inner calling, our deepest hearts desires, and our truest self in the doubt, fear, and negative talk. Instead, select to be graceful with ourselves, learning from past values but not dwelling on them. Choosing to walk through our own fears will allow us to rise above them, living a life we were designed for. Instead, choose to be graceful with ourselves, not shaming ourselves.

What you believe is what you become. Therefore, fill your mind with positive self- talk and surround yourself with people who speak life into your life. DeW.Life offers these woman, who have walked through challenges, trials, and can help you light your path.

Elevating your career starts with understanding what it is we want to achieve. RDH Evolution can help you declutter your truest desires. Designed for hygienists who want more out of their clinical career. The 2.5 day conference is focused on becoming an Educator, Speaker, Writer and Consultant. Visit RDHEvolution for more information on this limited attendee conference that will empower you to achieve your goals and offers accountability coaching throughout the year.

Understand that achieving the goal does not happen overnight. Part of the reward is the journey. Succeeding means answering the question and following the quest. In 2018, choose to say yes to the deepest desires of your heart.