In My Story, Success by Denise Ciardello

I cut my teeth in the dental industry with a team that literally ruined me for life. They were impeccable in the execution of systems, attention to detail and functioning as a team. The practice was run like a well-oiled, true business. The office manager taught me the proper methods of case presentation, keeping my A/R low, my schedule full and productive. I didn’t realize how good I had it until we were ready to move on to our next tour of duty. You see, my husband was a career Naval aviator and for 26 years we traveled this awesome world as he followed his dream. I worked in many different types of businesses before I came into the dental world. I sold real estate, worked in a bank, retail and even owned my own craft business. One day, I went in to have my teeth cleaned and the consultant, who happened to be in the office that day, asked if I wanted a job. I didn’t know anything about dental yet she assured me that she could teach me everything I needed to know. Little did I know that I had ‘fallen’ into what would become my passion.

My travels in and around various offices, either as an employee or as I began software training, revealed the ongoing frustrations of dentists as business owners – they didn’t necessarily sign up for that part – what they really wanted to do was fulfill their dream of being a dentist. On top of the business owner part, they typically had teams of all women; oh yes, most of these poor souls had no idea how to handle the complex world of an office full of females. Too many times, I would have doctors tell me that all they wanted to do was dentistry. I began working slowly with one office, then another in sorting out efficient systems and working with teams to become more cohesive, adding harmony and soon creating the type of office that I so felt that all dentists deserved to have. I was recreating my first office all over the country. And my consulting business was born.

In 2010 I partnered up with Janice Janssen, a dental hygienist who had her own consulting firm, and we founded Global Team Solutions. We discovered that with her clinical skills and my admin skills we could comprehensively work in all areas of the practice. What sets us apart is that we are accountability coaches; teaching teams the value of working together, holding each other to a set of standards to achieve harmony and productivity, and having fun while doing it. We work with dentists to streamline the business/owner tasks, so they can concentrate on doing dentistry. It makes my heart happy when I see a dentist fulfilling his/her dream of owning a successful practice.

Janice and I had noticed, through our interactions with offices, that many people were thrown into the office manager position without any real training or experience in running a business. This led us to write a book – OMG! Office Management Guide® – in 2010. With much encouragement from our readers, we began hosting OMG! Workshops, all over the country. We were pleased that the AGD credentialed the OMG! Workshops for continuing education credits. The book went through a revision in 2015, to keep it relevant. In 2016, we began holding OMG! Study clubs, which are quarterly sessions, in various locations throughout the country. This summer we are excited that we will launch our OMG! Academy and take all the knowledge, tips and tools to the online community.

In 2013, we added Chris as a consultant, since he brought a great knowledge of paperless technology and marketing processes to the table. His experience as a dental office manager assists with creating systems in an office and he also had a keen connection with team members and doctors. We have since retained Cindy Day Hauk as a consultant and 2 virtual assistants who keep us organized in all areas of our business. The strengths of the GTS team provide tools to our clients that few other companies can offer and we are proud that Global Team Solutions has a stellar reputation in the dental industry.