A House Flood, Unexpected Inconvenience, Embracing Joy: Part Two

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An unexpected inconvenience can lead to a new level of joy.

You may have read on a previous blog that my house flooded due to a water heater burst while I was at work. This unexpected inconvenience of being out of my home for the past seven weeks has lead me to a new level of peace and joy.


A couple of years ago I read a book called the “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. The concept is that if you quickly go through your items and only keep what brings you joy and remove the rest you will open up much needed space not only in your home but in your life. This open space allows energetic room for you to grow or relax or realize what you really need at the moment. This books concept can be life changing for people. We all become numb to how cluttered our house and our life become when we are in the middle of living.

I remember the first time I read the book, I did a half-baked attempt when the twins were with my parents one weekend. See, the concept that is different is not taking one drawer or one space a week for a year to clean up or out. But instead, this concept wants you to do an entire living space, the whole house as fast as you can, literally within days. When this explosion of purging happens, it pushes through the emotional barriers and detaches you from past memories.

Inner Renewal

I can remember cleaning out my closet and realizing it was a huge place of self-criticism, painful memories, and sadness. It helped so much to remove more than half of my closet content to only items that brought me JOY.

Now with the flood, I was forced into giving the entire house a chance for a magical change. I found myself with an opportunity to start with a clean fresh canvas. What would I get rid of, what would I keep, what color scheme was now calling my name, and how could I design a more peaceful feel to my nest. That closet that use to be a place of so much pain is now being transformed into a room of joy, happiness and positive thoughts, complete with my new vision board wall.

Questions From My Entrepreneurial Friend

  1. What items truly bring you joy when you see them, wear them, touch them, spend time with them?
  2. When you walk around your life, what items sap the energy out of you?
  3. Can you remove them? The daily reminder of the pain goes away with the item not all the memories. You still get to keep the good ones.
  4. If you had some extra space, peace, freedom, time… what would you do with it that brings you more joy?

And here’s a quote from the book:

“Pour your time and passion into what brings you the most joy, your mission in life. I am convinced that putting your house in order will help you find the mission that speaks to your heart.”

christmas decor with the letters J-O-Y

Peace, Joy, and Freedom

My unexpected inconvenience has lead me to a new level of peace and joy. It has opened up a sense of freedom in my mind and my soul that I needed even more than I realized. In the last several weeks, I have more clarity and strength in my goals for my business, manifested the car of my dreams since high school (a Porsche Carrera named DIVA thanks to Cathy Jameson,) and reconnected with my legacy work. I have more inner passion to make all I want turn into reality than ever before.

I will leave you with this! Do the work! Download the book. Tidy up your life. See what happens. What do you have to lose?

Here’s to losing a few belongings that don’t bring you joy!

Blessings to you and your unexpected inconvenience!

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