Having Your Sister By Your Side Is Priceless

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Did you say you work with your sister in the same office?

For many siblings, the thought of working together causes anxiety and anticipated strife. We see our relationship as sisters and dental partners to be true, stable, unique, honest and fulfilling; in many ways, more solid than any ordinary partnership. My sister and I are happily practicing as women in dentistry. We are female CEOs, small business owners, mentors, artists, scientists, women in STEM. My sister and I have the distinct ability in the field of dentistry to merge art and science. We make the world of dentistry truly a creative endeavor. Our shared interests allow us to harness our creativity and the talents that are unique to each of us become shared assets.

Many ask us if we are twins, but there are actually five and a half years between us. Because of this age gap, we did not attend school at the same time. Now that we are practicing together we get to take CE classes together. They are that much more fun, side by side!  While we have some similarities and are super close, we are also very unique and strongly independent as well. Our unique differences allow us to provide a comprehensive and complete experience for our patients. Our varied skill sets compliment one another and make for a truly dynamic experience. 

A Shared Vision for The Patient Experience

Always close, since childhood, coming from the same upbringing with a solid work ethic and moral compass, we have a shared vision for the patient experience. At Dynamic Dental P.L.L.C., our workflow is in sync. This allows us to provide the best possible care to our patients. Being each other’s cheerleader and evolving into dedicated business partners has allowed us to share advice while being solution-oriented and open-minded. The journey to building something with thoughtful collaboration together has made our sister-bond stronger. 

We have the privilege of combining all these facets of our chosen career into a true family practice. Once dental school became a reality for each of us on our journey to DDS, the next vision was to work together side by side to provide the best care to our community. Fifteen years later, we have been working together in harmony with an outstanding team of dental sisters. With my sister by my side, we have a different capacity for working together because we have a strong bond. 

It has been said that a loyal sister is worth a thousand friends.

In our industry, we all need lots of friends.

We really need to stick together and form strong bonds within our outstanding dental community of female leaders. Women need to root for each other, praise our achievements and lift each other up when we need it most. Everyone knows the challenges of working in and running a small business. My sister and I thankfully help each other to remain motivated and that makes choosing each other as business partners the natural choice. Together we remain kind, honest, and patient and get things done. Wanting the best for each other, our family, our patients and our community sustains us.  It also propels us to find new ways to enhance the dental experience at our office.

We have helped each other to be good listeners, observant, tenacious, determined, passionate, optimistic, humble and motivated. 

No Second-Guessing

The advantage of knowing each other very well translates to no second-guessing or questioning each other’s intentions. There is a rhythm, a flow, a balance, mutual respect and admiration that only comes from two individuals who know how to communicate and get things done. Being in sync with our training and patient relationships contributes to an overall feeling of being taken care of at our office. With no doubt, our patients and team are part of a true family experience.

No one can thrive without the right support. We come from the stock of strong, fearless, compassionate, capable and determined women. There is no way we are letting them down after all the sacrifices they have made for us to achieve our personal and professional goals. My sister and I are stronger together, learning and growing side by side and exploring all that the ever-changing dental world can provide for our community.

The sisterhood of dentistry encompasses all our female colleagues. 

Females in our industry have a valuable and distinct perspective on patient care, small business strategies, team building, technological advances, and women-centric needs. Our collective talents as women go beyond the skills of dental practitioners. Our talents are evident in the specialized care we give patients, the careful decisions we make and the strength we can derive for one another.

In my room in dental school, I had a cork board or vision board with quotes and other things that were inspirational to me. I had a photo of my sister and me, standing side by side in front of the dental office that would later become our very own with the words “Go to Your Destiny” in beautiful calligraphy above it. It was a daily reminder that our destiny would be a shared success story. One that we only we can tell, uniquely ours and still accumulating chapters. Looking forward to growing as siblings, as a team and continuing side by side. If you have sisters, go hug them, give them a call, text them, write a note, skype. Because they are uniquely yours and that is priceless!


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