3 ½ Biggest Mistakes Most Practices Make With Their Marketing

In Building a Practice by Jackie Ulasewich

You’re doing all the right things to grow your practice. You’re investing in ongoing training,
utilizing state of the art equipment and keeping up with your marketing. There is, however, a right way and wrong way to approach marketing. Be aware of these slip-ups so you can keep moving in the right direction.

Mistake #1: Taking a Templated Approach to Your Marketing

You know you need to set your practice apart from the rest of the doctors in your area, but your marketing might have you blending in with them instead. Many marketing agencies will use the same templated website, Facebook posts and blogs for all their clients. The result is a generic style and message that will have little impact on new patients. With a customized approach, your marketing will capture your unique qualities and resonate with your ideal audience.

Mistake #2: Not Taking a Comprehensive Approach

Lots of practices pick just one or two marketing channels to promote their services. They’ll rationalize that having a website and Facebook page is enough to reach new patients. The truth is, there is not one marketing channel that will drive all of your growth. New patients are found in a variety of places online consuming Google reviews, your website, Facebook ads, and videos. To reach a wider audience, you need to be active on multiple marketing channels. A few examples would be to have a well-designed website, blog on a regular basis, have an active social media presence, email current patients, gain new reviews on sites like Facebook and Google, and the list goes on. Limiting your marketing is essentially limiting your exposure in the marketplace.

Mistake #3: Not Integrating All Your Channels

On the flip side, having multiple vendors and team members managing all your marketing channels can hurt your efforts, as well. Is your social media campaign telling the same story as your website? Does your blog look and sound different than your email campaigns? Avoid looking at your marketing channels as stand-alone pieces to be managed by different parties. Marketing should be a coordinated effort that sends out a consistent message to reinforce your practice’s brand. Wherever your patients and prospective patients are, you want them to recognize your practice.

Mistake #3 ½: Not Using a Women-Owned Marketing Agency

We like to add this in because well, as a woman-owned marketing agency we champion women in dentistry. We serve all our clients equally, but we think it helps to have a woman’s perspective when marketing your female-led practice.