Coffee Cup Coaching: Accountability and Self-Worth

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As a consultant, my phone rings daily with this one request, “Can you help me hold my team accountable?” My internal reaction is “NO!” 

What I say is, “Absolutely, tell me more.” Accountability, much like leadership, empowerment, motivation, inspiration, has become a catch-all phrase which loses meaning with overuse. 

There is no mistake: accountability and self-worth are linked. Accountability is an inside out job. No-one can “hold you accountable” or “make you do” anything. Just ain’t happening outside incarceration or abusive relationships. The challenge in today’s work environment is becoming more of how to align personal desires and talents with the job at hand.

Enter the age of Individualism! 

As Roger Dean Duncan shared in his Forbes article Avoid The Blame Game “…the common need [among corporations is to] (1) define what accountability really means and then (2) to engage people in ways that win their hearts, minds, and commitment.”

How DeW you win hearts, minds, and commitment? This can seem like an impossible task for a manager or business owner. Check out this month’s Coffee Cup Coaching video to discover just how simple this can be. We’ll walk through how to use the accountability ladder, first and most importantly, to drive your own self-accountability. And, since I also reference last month’s video, you can find that one HERE. 

Coffee Cup Coaching: Accountability and Self-Worth with Victoria Peterson from Productive Dentist Academy on Vimeo.

Coffee Cup Coaching: Accountability with Victoria Peterson from Productive Dentist Academy on Vimeo.

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