Coffee Cup Coaching: Vision Moves Us Forward

In New Discoveries by Victoria Peterson

I’m in Johannesburg, South Africa discovering the desires people around the globe have in common. Safe neighborhoods, clean water, education, and a great cup of coffee among them.

The first thing I discovered in this city of art and culture is Africa 2063. The bold pan-African vision to transform this continent into a global powerhouse. Declared in 2013, the citizens came together to rebuild this war-torn region of the world and emerge with self-determination, gender equality, peace, and economic freedoms within 50 years.

It’s a long-term vision …. which is what any business leader or country needs to propel it into the future. That is the challenge of this blog: to envision your business 3-5-10 years down the road.

How does your practice benefit the community?

What core values shine through your team’s daily behaviors?

How will you be remembered by the patients you serve?

I’m just beginning my journey into the layers of human evolution and revolution that South Africa holds. I’ll be excited to share more during the DeW retreat in November …. and give away this cool coffee mug I picked up at Starbucks. Indeed, everywhere I go, I find a little piece of home. Reminding me that we have more in common than can be imagined.

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