Coffee Cup Coaching: Forget New Year’s Resolutions

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OMG, it’s January 5th and I haven’t written out my New Year’s Resolutions! How will I ever succeed if I haven’t completed my goal setting? Hey, don’t worry, in fact, pat yourself on the back. According to the 2015 article, nearly 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February.

Here is my three-step fool-proof system for goal setting: 


January 1-15: Review what really worked in the previous year. Expand this and look back over the previous decade. Celebrate everything you can possibly find that is good in your life. Chances are you are miles down the road from where you began. Tony Robbins once shared, “People overestimate what they can do in a year, and grossly underestimate what they can accomplish in a decade.”

Also take the time to discover who, or what, no longer serves you. We are all on an evolutionary path, where things that ‘fit’ last year, may simply be outgrown. This includes ideas, roles, relationships, responsibilities, and sometimes identities. I invite you to get quiet and ask the question of your intuition “What have I outgrown?” “Is there something in my life that no longer serves my highest and best version of myself?” You may be surprised at the answer. 


January 16-25: Journal on all that you desire for 2020. This complex word includes the aspects of passion, needs, aspirations, motive, hunger, thirst, drive. In a word: Devotion.
What do you desire to devote your time, energy, and attention to this year?  


January 25-31: With a better understanding of your desires and clarity, now is a great time to assess the resources at hand today; the resources you will attract to support your goals – and begin to dream about co-creating your best year ever! For me, goal setting should feel like “Hope grounded in Truth.” There is a stretch, something to shoot for, be excited about, and discover. I encourage you to include goal setting in several aspects of your life by asking yourself, “In 12 months what will….  

  • I be known for?
  • My relationships look like?
  • My health feel like?
  • My bank account look like? 
  • I be most proud of? 
  • Let go of because it no longer serves me?

New Year’s resolutions are about taking the time to reflect and renew your relationship with yourself. These are for no one else. Remember, comparison to other’s goals does you no good. Have fun, spend time in nature if possible, hunker down by a fire and watch the snowdrifts. Winter is the perfect time for reflection, refinement, and planned resolutions.

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