Spouse Tales Snippet 8: Where will you find your PASSION in the new “Roaring 20s”?

In Inspiration by JoAn Majors, RDA, CSP®

It’s interesting to think of all that has changed with, and for, women in the original roaring ’20s. As we prepared for our first podcast episode of this year, we looked at the top 10 changes that happened and paid close attention to what happened with women. You’ll be surprised what we can trace back to this time period with respect to women. You’ve come a long way baby, and so has your hemline!

Records revealed that this was a time when women began to show their legs. They shortened their hemline for the first time. At this same time in history, women began to wear something with short or no sleeves. This may not seem significant at first but as we explored on we found this was the time period that, because more hair was showing, women began to shave their legs and underarms. (Kathy wondered what this did for Gillette’s stock.) Oddly enough, some didn’t think highly of this progress. Women began to have haircuts versus putting their hair up to get it off their back or shoulders. Things we take for granted were considered unorthodox. 

We’ve come a long way baby

Today we think nothing of the growth of women in the dental space. It’s been recorded that many of the dental schools today declare they are graduating more females than males. I’m here to say, let’s not take this for granted. Let’s remember those who paved the way to have women be at the place we are today. God knows I had a mother who was a pioneer in so many ways and I wonder daily how she did it. I am so thankful to be in a time and space that I will drive 74 miles to the airport, board a plane, get my Uber, hotel, and dinner alone and have no concerns or fears. 

It’s a special time to be alive and learn from those young and old about what these next roaring 20’s might bring. Anne Duffy and I just spoke about how incredibly blessed we are to have the life mates, best friends, and champions we have to call our spouses. There is no way I could do what I do, at the level I do it, without that amazing man. Make no mistake, he is a man’s man and clearly the leader in our home and his practice. However, if he can make one meal, one trip to the grocery store or handle one task to make my life better or easier, he is all in! We’ve come a long way baby.


Not everyone needs to be the same or have the same marriage. We both understand how incredibly demanding a #dentallife can be. It’s one of the reasons we are so excited to bring back our Significant Spouse program this year. Kathy and I learn from the listeners of our podcasts. They’ll share how they heard something that will make their approach, outlook or opinion different. We don’t agree on everything, but we passionately agree that we have some incredible experiences to share (amazing and disheartening) with those who have chosen this life and those who are married to them. Like it or not, if one is married to it, in most instances, the other is as well. They just didn’t necessarily choose it.  

If we can prevent one misunderstanding or disappointment by sharing some of our most intimate highs and lows and how we have moved past them with greater joy, it will have been worth it. My PASSION keeps me on the road more than most. It’s been my goal to give back more than I take from our industry. The Significant Spouse two-day, laid-back session is that opportunity. It is for those married to dentistry and the one they share their #dentallife with daily. If you are in dentistry and would like to share a couple of days with some amazing couples in dentistry in a small group setting, we’d love to share with you. Email me at joan@joanmajors.com to learn more.

See you on the road!

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