Coffee Cup Coaching: I’m So Frustrated!

In Self-Help, Video by Victoria Peterson

In order to take control of your professional career, you have to understand the role that emotions play in your life. The simplest way to think about emotions is that they are energy in motion. Like all energetic forces, emotions flow through us and manifest themselves in the world around us.

In the business world, frustrations are everywhere! Some situations are out of our control, but many can be managed if we first learn why they are frustrating us. Frustration usually creeps in when…

  • You don’t have enough focused time to create achievable goals.
  • The goals you want to achieve are not happening as fast as you want.
  • You feel you have no control over a situation.

You can’t accomplish all your goals at once. Completing one high-impact item on your long to-do list, especially one that has been weighing you down, can provide the renewed energy to do more. When you are stuck, ask yourself the following questions to help get you moving again:

Where am I procrastinating? Why?

What am I doing that is draining my energy?

What is the highest and best use of my time?

Which projects (or segments) have the highest impact?

Are there aspects that can be delegated to others?

Remember, breakthrough is always on the other side of breakdown. Frustration offers the opportunity to disrupt the path to true upset. Check out this month’s video blog for a few more tips, or check out the book Frustration: The Breakfast of Champions. How to turn strong emotions into career success.    

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