SpouseTales Snippet 9: I don’t want to fly the plane! I want to serve the drinks…

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Some people are made for the left-brained detailed-oriented professions, and others are equally made for the right-brain, people-oriented, or artsy professions. In the practice, I’ve never wanted to “fly the plane” or “drive the bus.” However, I would almost dare someone to believe they could serve the patients with any more passion than I could. This SpouseTale is a reminder to all of us that no matter what we choose to do, we should do it with the desire to be the best.

Are those in the positions to serve, serving at the highest level?

It annoys the heck out of me to hear people who answer the phone, or are the first to greet your patients and potential patients, sound or look bored to death! Why in the world would a pilot allow this to happen? Is she a staple in practice she/he purchased? Is she/he the doctor’s sibling or parent? I hate this one, but is this person the spouse? Does it really matter? I challenge you to sneak into your reception room and be silent. Take time to listen to the calls your system records randomly and reward those team members who display colleague or stakeholder behavior. 

People often ask if I am my husband’s “office manager,” and the answer is simple. No. I don’t manage anything except our household menu, and I absolutely love this! First of all, he is a strong leader, so that’s important. Second, as the comprehensive care coordinator, when I am in the practice, it’s my job to lead others to understand and fulfill this role when I am not there. As a certified speaking professional, it is my serious responsibility to bring the content that is fresh, relevant, and connects to my audience where they are. Period.

It’s never about me; it’s about serving.

In my limited experience (laughing out loud now), it seems that people appreciate great leadership, but are not always a fan of those assigned to “manage” them. In our practice, we have team leaders, and they often manage processes or projects. This shouldn’t imply they do each step; they are just the ones held accountable for it. For today, let me share, I love serving the patients and the audience, and I appreciate those who fly the plane so that I can do it in a very deliberate and intentional way. 

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