Coffee Cup Coaching No Room for Busy in your Business

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What an unprecedented time in our history as we enter the springtime of 2020. With 90% of American businesses closed due to COVID-19, we are all coming face-to-face with some of our deepest fears. Our mettle is being forged, and with understanding, we can emerge stronger than ever. 

Each January I choose a focus word. My word this year is “Capacity”. It has been fascinating to experience the multifaceted meanings of this word. I’m discovering how to build capacity in my physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. I’m also noticing how my energy increases or decreases in conversations with others and within relationships. 

Capacity to Serve

Here’s an invitation to take on the journey and discover your “Capacity to Serve”. As healthcare professionals, mothers, daughters, citizens of this world, we hold a lot of space for others. Often putting ourselves last, decision fatigue and insecurities creep in. We are particularly vulnerable in this area of our leadership right now.

One of the biggest “hidden capacity leakages” I’ve seen in my own self is when I hear or say some of these phrases: 

  • I’m confused
  • I’m just so overwhelmed
  • I’m too busy, I don’t have time, I meant to do that but . . . 

These sound like good responses to questions in life; they may even seem to be true. My invitation is to sit with the emotion of confused, overwhelmed, or busy and ask: “What am I NOT willing to speak to right now?” 

In my own life, I’ve used these phrases to keep the peace, to avoid additional responsibility, to hide out, to escape a well-meaning friend who needed time with me. It’s a trap and one that as DeW’s we can no longer tolerate in our businesses. These phrases negate our power of conscious choice. They rob us of personal power! They silence our inner voices, leading to disempowerment, self-deception, and an in-authentic life. 

Welcome to the new up-leveling of business leaders around the world. The hectic pace that hid our true desires has been shattered. Accepting the invitation to sit in the quiet, to be conscious of our choices and to joyfully claim responsibility for our lives is upon us! 

Coffee Cup Coaching – No Room for Busy in Your Business from Productive Dentist Academy on Vimeo.

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