In Motivating Women, Print Issues by Jasmin Haley

Months ago, when I received the phone call from Minal Sampat to join her on the cover of DeW, I was at a loss for words. As I listened to her share her vision, I thought, “Minal wants to share a cover with me?!?!? Why would she give up such a wonderful opportunity for herself and be inclusive of other DeWs?”

At that time, Minal and I had only a minimal amount of interaction with one another. Yet, in one conversation, I knew she was like-minded, supportive and indeed a heart-centered entrepreneur. Prior to her asking me to be a part of this cover, I had a conversation with her in which I asked her to be a guest speaker at my annual event for dental hygienists. She emphatically said, “Yes!” Her enthusiasm caught me by surprise. Why? Minal truly values community over competition. She understands that it’s not about her; it’s not about us; it’s about a movement. This same principle represents everything I stand for.

Community over Competition

In the dental industry, the reality is that Minal, Katrina and I are peer competitors. Despite this reality, our values aligned, and it is a breath of fresh air to find fellow DeWs, Dental entrepreneur Women, who embody the same level of abundance I’ve carried with me in my career. It is with a growth mindset that there is a new generation of entrepreneurs emerging. We are building ladders, shattering ceilings and stepping into our greatness, hand-in-hand. The collaborative efforts we are making lead to a massive impact on the future of our industry – intentional synergy.

Synergy is defined as the “interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects” (Lexico, n.d.). Collectively, imagine the impact we can make when we put aside our differences and reach out to one another. We can leverage our strengths, maximize our potential, and further our reach in the lives that we choose to serve. The DeW Life movement is necessary to heal the deep-seated wounds of the past that include the mean girls club, hyper-competition and lack of support. The evolution of our industry to be more inclusive, community-driven and supportive is crucial to the everlasting success we all deserve. We are building a legacy that will impact the future generation of women that come behind us. Our community is our lifeline and our sisterhood to reach out to when challenges arise.

Celebrate others

When we take the time to celebrate another woman’s triumphs or successes, we are glorifying our entire sisterhood through our genuine support. Entrepreneurship is one of the most challenging journeys we will undertake, and it is in the power of our tribe that we can overcome any challenges that arise. The biggest hurdle we need to overcome is our own beliefs. What limiting beliefs, negative self-talk or self-doubt exist within you that prevent you from embracing our community with full abundance?

The rewards are great, innumerable and unmeasurable. Women who support women and truly personify synergy are the most successful. The power of collaboration and sisterhood is represented in this month’s DeW Life Magazine cover. Let’s continue to reverse the stereotype that women do not support other women. We need each other to rise against the cultural, systemic and biased hurdles that impact our industry. There’s a new movement in town – will you join us?

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