Coffee Cup Coaching: Changing Expectations

In Inspiration, Video by Victoria Peterson

Welcome to the merry month of May. Perhaps we should rename it “May(be).” Maybe we will go back to work. Maybe not. Conflicting recommendations between CDC, OSHA, state regulators have our industry turned upside down. 

It’s really tough to feel your Cup of Joy running over in the midst of chaotic times. It is possible though. Perhaps today is the day to look at your expectations. I’m not asking that you lower your values or standards, but perhaps we sometimes put a little too much expectation on: 

  • what the world owes us
  • what we should be able to accomplish today
  • how I measure up compared to Social Media Queens and Divas who are taking to the airwaves
  • how much is enough

Quiet the noise

The pandemic has provided an opportunity to quiet the noise, if we take advantage of it. I highly recommend taking a few minutes each day to ask yourself the deeper questions of life. What is truly important to me? What brings joy to myself and my family? 

Once you are centered and grounded and possibly ecstatic at the simplicity of being YOU, turn your attention to the larger community. Where are you needed? Even in a shutdown, there are people in need, things to be done. Social distancing has embedded dangerous concepts that people should be avoided or that we need to protect ourselves from one another. Use a bit of prudence, and caution, but truly it’s time to find ways to reconnect. We are social creatures! 

If you are feeling that your cup is a bit empty, I invite you to examine the expectations you’ve placed on yourself. Find one item of high priority and set about accomplishing that task. You really do have permission to say, “In this moment, I need ________, and I’m going to allow myself to experience that.” 

For more quick tips to reduce stress and fill your cup with joy, check out this month’s 4-minute video. Respond in the comments or on the DeW crew Facebook page and enter to win the most adorable coffee cup I’ve ever collected!! 


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