SpouseTales Snippet #13: A Culture of COVID and Color

In She's Touching Lives, Video by JoAn Majors, RDA, CSP®

We are real people with real pains and pleasures. Our world is in trouble, and you can’t ignore the culture concerning our country, COVID, and our people of Color. This is a time that we enjoyed sharing how we survived and thrived with our time out of the practices. As we discussed our ups and downs. We all realized and agreed that we were healthier and happier when we were doing something for someone else. If you have a culture of inclusion and love in your life and practice, you are ahead of a considerable group of practices and people in general. 

Have the Conversation

If you ignore what is happening with OUR Country with OUR People of Color, you are missing such an important and monumental moment. If you don’t speak up, you actually speak volumes. Growing up Hispanic, I was called beaner, meximelt, even spic in a brown stay down community. I don’t pretend to know how my black friends feel or handle their challenges. I do, however, have the conversations about it. It didn’t start when this episode in our country grabbed the attention of anyone not living under a rock. It’s a culture of communication and connection that will allow us to survive this. 

Post-COVID quarantine, we all agreed, we need less. We enjoyed homecooked meals, a simple walk, and appreciated the time together and the tall grass (you’ll understand after you watch the video). I believe you’ll appreciate this candid discussion that was precisely where God moved us to be, not where we thought we were headed when we began. I particularly loved how Beverly Wilburn shared her take-a-way. “Don’t always anticipate that you are going to end with the same result that at the beginning of this, you thought was going to happen.”  We agree, and we all know you should find more simple joy. Tomorrow is NOT promised. 

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