In Inspiration, Inspiration, She's Enjoying the Journey by Stephanie Baker

The air was brisk and the climb was steep. They are experienced hikers, and welcomed the opportunity to drink in the sights and sounds of nature, burning a few extra holiday calories, to boot. This is the glory found in the woods. While hiking down the mountain, though walking the same path, they noted everything looked different.   

The crush of leaves sounded more distinct than it had on the ascent. The sun had shifted, resulting in mysterious and beautiful shadows, not evident on the climb. The light glistened uniquely on the dampened leaves, dancing playfully through the trees. Even the caw of birds and gentle breezes, had a musical intonation, previously unnoticed. The sounds were more crisp and heightened by the obvious stillness.

beautiful trees in winter

Photo Credit: Marjorie Maxon Photography

The same two people, walking the same path, on the same mountain, experiencing newness in a way they hadn’t observed before. What brought the change? Perspective. Their point of view was different.   

A new year. The same you, traveling the same path. We may anticipate predictability while traveling familiar paths. It’s easy to become disinterested in the familiar, yet I caution against its snare.

The intentional and unexpected shift in perspective, may result in surprising newness.  

Welcome the fresh perspective that comes when you open the cover to view the first page, on a new 365-page book. You’ve been blessed with another volume of adventure, drama, heartbreak and love, to add to your collection. Your unique story. The story of you.

May this journey around the sun result in a new and fresh perspective. May you embrace the light of familiarity, as it reflects differently, and highlights the parts of yourself you’ve never appreciated before. I pray your ears hear the melodious sounds of laughter and hearken to the winds of change gliding across your path. May your footsteps never falter as your path shifts you closer to your calling and purpose.  

In 2021, remember the awareness perspective brings. Because it’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.