Your Journey Should be a Group Effort

In Success by Debora Carrier

When you meet someone, you never know how they may positively impact your life.

Debora and I knew dental hygiene was an awesome career to be in, but we both felt there was so much more we needed to do. Many people, especially women, feel this way but have a fear of going for the “GOLD.” Taking a big step toward change can be a very scary thing. So we are here to say, “DO IT! GO FOR IT!”

Your journey can be such an amazing process; but unless you try, you will never know.

One thing we both feel has been invaluable to our journeys is the relationships we’ve formed over the years through networking. Debora coined the phrase “No Goal Networking,” and she explains it this way: “I look at everyday as a new opportunity to reach out to new people, learn what journey they are on, and share my passion and journey with them.” These meetings, whether planned or unplanned, almost always result in some type of opportunity, either immediately or over the ensuing years. And sometimes, the conversation raises an unexpected opportunity for someone else you encounter along life’s journey.

We have also learned not to sweat the small, or even big, things and just let life’s journey unfold before you. No amount of worrying will change the outcome, and worrying can negatively impact your health and wellbeing. Our advice is to concentrate on positively helping yourself and others, rather than on negativity or worry.

Five years ago, we didn’t know each other, lived on opposite sides of the country, and were in completely different places in our personal lives. Plus we have a significant age difference. The one thing we did have in common is that we are both dental hygienists with dreams of doing more. Through social media, I reached out to Debora to learn more about her brand- new business and to see how we might support each other. Despite never having met in person, we put together a fun giveaway for students through my company, “Pass It.” Then, we arranged to meet at a dental hygiene convention where my business partner and I offered to model Debora’s new uniforms. We formed a bond immediately and kept in touch over the years.

A couple years after this initial meeting, Debora was at a dental trade show in Las Vegas. She was hosting a fashion show to showcase her Twice as Nice Uniforms, but her models cancelled at the last minute. She didn’t hesitate to call me, and I didn’t hesitate to show up with two friends in tow. We enthusiastically jumped right in and modeled Debora’s uniforms in several fashion shows over the next three days.

Fast forward to 2020: We are still working together and finding ways to support each other. As we all know, 2020 has created some major roadblocks for dentistry. We were able to be a part of the virtual DeW Retreat that was simply AMAZING and a perfect way to, once again, lift each other up. At DeW, we both had the opportunity to meet other women who are on a mission to make a change for the better. We have made plans to kick off 2021 with Children’s Dental Health Month in February to debut my new children’s book “Where the Sugar Bugs Live.” We will also attend Dentistry’s Got Talent in April, ADHA, RDHOUR and other virtual events throughout the rest of the year. Events like these help dental professionals connect with others who share their goals of learning and growing.

When our paths crossed, we never imagined what the future would hold for us together. We had no idea we would soon be collaborating on some incredible products to bring the FUN and education back into dental hygiene. These products will help dental and medical professionals have critical conversations with their patients. The illustrated characters from my children’s book came to life on Debora’s Twice as Nice Uniforms surgical caps, compression socks and masks. The garments keep dental and medical professionals comfortable and safe, while creating conversation pieces and bringing the FUN back into learning. As an added bonus, we are proud to be donating a portion of the proceeds from all products to families affected by childhood cancer.

We both have many stories of other relationships formed along our journeys with the common denominator of being there to lift each other up with support, physical help, or just a shoulder to lean on. We have each built a great support network that we can rely on when we need a helping hand. And, we know these relationships could blossom into things much bigger than we ever dream for us personally and professionally and truly help our world at large.

Let’s face it, being a woman entrepreneur as well as a dental hygienist, wife, mom etc. can be tough! Historically, women have not always supported each other in business and constantly battle male counterparts. It’s time for all women to truly join together and support one another. Find out what your fellow women entrepreneurs are doing, lend them a hand, and support them however you can. We know that an open mind and an open heart can help lift others up. By working together, we can create something AMAZING in this world. The more we all come together and use our talents to help lift other women up, the more successful we ALL will be. This is easy to say, but once you “walk the walk and talk the talk” you’ll see what wonderful doors will open for you!