Focus on the What, Not the How

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How will I do this? Will I be able to make enough money?

When we try to figure out the “how”, we limit our possibilities by our previous experiences. Our ego, the “I” limits us to “how” should look, feel, happen, and it is specifically attached to how everything will unfold. Instead, everything you want (the “what”) has already happened, you are clear on what you want, and you detach from HOW it will happen. Detaching provides freedom for our higher selves and higher power to take over and removes us from the attachment HOW to fulfill our goal. When we step away from the “how”, this is where the magic happens, and the divine intersection occurs.

Once people get clear on the “what”, they attract into their lives things they need to learn that become essential parts of the story that they didn’t realize. When you share your intentions, the “what”, you change the frequency of what you are attracting into your life and including people, energy, and opportunity. Sometimes the attracting isn’t something we can see right away, but that is part of the magic.

Those experiences then seem to be connected with invisible strings as a magician uses to other things that begin to move in your direction. When we try to control the “how”, we fumble and become discouraged. Just think what it would be like if you only had to focus on what you wanted your life to be like, take daily micro actions toward the direction of your “what”, and the rest is in motion?

There are imaginary lines connecting all of us. Even to have you read this blog, it’s no coincidence. You were attracted to it because of a higher consciousness of what you want, and it piqued your curiosity. This is the same concept of when you are looking for a new car and you that you see that car everywhere around you—it appears but it was there the only time. You just knew the “what”.

How do you begin? Start with a pen and paper, begin an abundance journal, FEEL what you are writing and open your heart. And when you write, take away HOW you will do it. Your life will move in that direction and change will begin to happen if you feel like your ‘what” has already occurred. After you have written your “what”, close your eyes and experience the feeling as if you have already the “what”. Know what is, what it looks like, smells like, feels, like…And how you will feel as a result. This is the most important part. You have to open your heart and feel that you are already the owner of what you want.

Be open to the truth behind what you want. Why do you want it? And through journaling, through the uncovering process of feeling, opening, and getting clarity, you will see those things around you, people around you, experiences that are happening are exactly what you wanted. Imagine that everyone and anything around you wants to help you get to your “what”. There is silent conspiracy that is happening between the words and your feelings where your higher power is conspiring on your behalf with miracles and much more. Focus on your “what” and “how” it happens is none of your business. If we all knew how literal this actually is, concerning our power, our strength, and divinity about the love, magic, and infinite possibilities, we would see the rest of world through tears. It’s your time for your what. Being able to know it is all conspired for you, rest in the fact that it has already happened.


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