DeW Spotlight: Kelly McLeland

In DeWers by Kelly McLeland

When I joined DEW in July of this year, I was asked to write a segment about myself for this blog. As I started my own personal story, I realized I didn’t like it that much.

A director of clinical services, I was supporting dentists and hygienists, working long hours and on the grind for little results. I observed the dynamics at the company and practice levels, with a deep notion that something was missing.

But isn’t that the beauty of things you don’t like? They provide clarity on what you want.

So instead of writing that story, I decided to turn the page and write a new chapter.

Here we go.

I left that job in early August and during that time, learned the most powerful lesson: business results are a direct reflection of the culture of the practice. The culture is built on relationships and those relationships are only as strong as the conversations you’re willing to have.

And this is the tricky part — because you can’t have a deeper conversation with anyone than the one you have with yourself. Your thoughts and self-talk are powerful. You are the author of your book, and you can turn the page at any time and start to write a new story. I did.

So, here’s the new me:

I am Kelly McLeland, DSO Consultant, business mentor, and alignment coach. My purpose is to help dental professionals and organizations get clarity on their stories and help them find a deeper connection with themselves to take inspired action to have an authentic life and career. I want to normalize growing your mindset in conjunction with your skillset. The power isn’t external. It’s internal. What story are you writing about your life? Your business? Your team? Your relationships? If you’re ready to write, I’m here to help you. Grab a fresh, new page, and let’s get started.

Instagram: kmcleland_
LinkedIn: Kelly McLeland