Becoming What You Want to Be Could Be Right In Front of You

In Reflection by Kristin Evans

Every year my employer has us set goals at our January team meeting. We are each given a piece of paper and a pencil and asked to write down our personal and professional goals. Unfortunately, after years of doing this, it has become one of my least favorite things to do. We are asked to first read over last year’s goals, and then we are to set new goals for this new year. This is often a time when I get negative thoughts about myself. I realize I didn’t get all my last year’s goals met, and then I have to think about the negative aspects I want to change in myself for the new year.

Goal setting can be a bit stressful and a negative experience for some people like me. My professional passion is bridging the gap between mental, physical, and oral health. Stress and inflammation are a huge part of this. If we can reduce stress in our lives in any way, it helps to support our systemic health. However, eliminating goals is not the answer to lowering stress.  

Goals and a positive future outlook are important for personal progression, overall success, and wellness. We need something to reach for in order to find joy and fulfillment in our lives. So how can we help reduce the stress that goal setting causes and have a more positive experience with goals? I do this by using a vision board.

A vision board is something that is very unique to the individual who creates it. The main goal of the vision board is to answer the question: what do I hope my life looks like by the end of the year, or after 5 years, or even after 10 years?  It should be a unique expression of your envisioned future self. Here are some tips to help you create your own future vision board.


It is called a vision board for a reason, so the first thing it needs is to be visible. Some people use a poster board, or a size that can be framed, to create the vision of their future selves. They could frame it and put it somewhere in their office or home where they see it often. Some may choose to put it in the front of their gratitude journal, where they see it daily when they write in it. Others may choose to put it on a regular size piece of paper and place it on their bathroom mirror as I do. The goal is to make it available to be seen daily. Find what works best for you.


A vision board needs to not only be visible but also needs to provoke the eye. Making your vision board something you enjoy looking at is important. Some people may cut and paste pictures or draw things or do something digitally that can be printed. Some may only use words, while others use pictures or a combination of both. There is no wrong way because it is an expression you see of your future self, and ultimately you know in your heart what that looks like. Use your own creativity and expression.

Reach for the stars

A vision board requires you to think about your future. How do you see yourself, your business, and your relationships in the time frame you’ve picked? I have heard many people say that your goals need to be realistic. However, there are many people who have achieved amazing things that they never thought they could have done. I think when we reach for the stars, we will get further than we may have even imagined. Think, reflect, meditate, and pray about this vision board so that it shows the future self you dream of becoming. This should be a very positive, motivating, and uplifting experience.

My experiences with vision boards have been life-changing. Having my vision boards has helped me prioritize and make plans for each day. It also helps me reflect on my day to see if the decisions I made or are making bring me closer to my future self or not. We’re not perfect so continue to give yourself grace as we often stumble and may fall but can then rise up again and progress forward towards our future selves. I pray that all of you will become the person that you envisioned and hope to be in 2023.

Wishing you all the best in 2023.