In Inspiration by Nithya Karia

“Good people find good people!” These are Anne Duffy’s words, but I share the sentiment. I had the pleasure of meeting Anne last October at Sara Connell’s Women Starting Movements retreat. I’m so excited to be part of DeW and be connected with all you beautiful souls.  

As a Productivity and Mindset Coach, I help women entrepreneurs breakdown the barriers negative thoughts (like overwhelm, stress and regret) create so they can reclaim their happiness by achieving and feeling good. The path to feeling successful on top of being successful is knowing how to build ourselves up instead of cutting ourselves down. Everything I do in life (including my blog posts!) is an extension of my passionate belief in living a ‘full’ life – success-full, joy-full, power-full

Mondays are like New Year’s for me – a fresh beginning. They hold for me the amped-up energy of possibility. Mondays, a day of dread for some, as it signals another work week, are gifts to me.  

How could I possibly love Mondays this much? My mother has always told me that good things happen on Mondays (the reasoning behind which is a whole other story). As a kid, I investigated. And sure enough, it turned out to be true. Now that I’m thinking about it, I did meet my husband on a Monday morning. On a subway car. In New York City. What are the chances? Mondays are good days.  

Has this been true because I was on the lookout for something good, my antennae hyper-vigilant for an upward tick on my radar? Has it been true because random acts of loveliness fall on Mondays too? I wonder if it matters at all why it’s true or if it only matters that I believe it to be true.  

Our beliefs, often formed without a lot of thought or intention, are a force. Beliefs define us, shape our perspective, and attempt to predetermine our futures. This week as you hear the chatter of your mind, listen. What do you believe? What do you say that maybe you don’t believe? What would you like to believe? 

Right now, just for a second, take a deep breath and let the word sink in.  

B E L I E V E. 

What do you feel? This single word makes me smile, gives me chills, fills me with courage, and clears my worries. It’s powerful stuff.  

So, believe. In yourself, in magic, in dreams, in realities, in others, in your why. Just believe. Get wrapped up in it. Let it take hold. Recognize it as a crucial component of your inner compass.  

It matters what you believe. 

I know we’re coming out of the holiday season and into a new year. But what if we held onto the magic that spills out from inside us that time of year and lights up the streets, our homes and our hearts? What if believing was a year-round thing?