Tips and Strategies to confidently Pull off your next photoshoot

Tips and Strategies to Confidently Pull Off Your Next Photoshoot

In DeWers by Debora Carrier

Twice as Nice Uniforms recently had a photoshoot to update our website. As with all our photoshoots, we choose to use dental professionals instead of professional models. We love this approach
because we meet new colleagues and gain new supporters of our uniforms, but this obviously comes with some challenges. As a former professional model, I do know a lot of the tricks of the trade

BUT teaching others and getting them to overcome their fears can be tough. Here are some tips and strategies I used to help them. I thought I would share these with all the DEWs, as many of us find ourselves in this position from time to time with our own companies.

– Being tense in photos WILL show. Think happy thoughts, relax your shoulders, take a deep breath.

– Move around, act goofy- dance, laugh, jump, twirl around. All these motions will add energy, make it more dynamic and natural looking.

– Use a prop, do something candid like talk on the phone, slide your glasses down your nose, hold a puppy. This makes the shot look effortless.

– Change your posture by leaning on something- a tree, a wall, a table. Just don’t lean too far, as it will look like you are falling.

– Relax your face and let your personality shine through- try a goofy smile!

– Be very mindful of your hands! Hands can instantly make a photo look awkward. Fold them in front, use pockets, hands on hips is always a good pose and it accentuates your waist. Make triangles with your arms and body.

– Another trick to make your waist look smaller is to hold your arms away from your body to create some negative space.

– Posture, posture, posture! Stand up straight, pull your shoulders back and stick your rear end out slightly.

– 45-degree turn from the camera- makes a huge difference- gives you curves!

– Distribute your weight on one leg for added stability

Now for your face!

– Elongate your neck by bringing your ears forward.

– Put your tongue behind your front teeth for a prettier smile.

– Jaw slightly tilted down to avoid a “double chin.”

– 15-degree head tilt to whichever side you feel most comfortable.

With anything, practice makes perfect, so grab your mirror and follow these steps to perfect flawless photos! Once you have practiced, get out your camera and snap away to discover your most flattering poses.

Tips and strategies to confidently pull off your next photoshoot