The DeW Good Fund and You

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The Dew Good Fund (DGF) is a program that serves to promote and contribute to worthy charitable non-profit organizations that are dear to the hearts of Dental Entrepreneur Women (DeW). Founded by Anne Duffy, the DGF is an outgrowth from Anne’s annual DeW retreat and associated fundraisers.

Many people on our planet struggle with excessive handicaps, just to survive. With our help, we can really make a difference to contribute to the alleviation of their burdens.

Following one of the core guiding DeW principles, “To whom much is given, much is expected”, we honor our DeW family abundance by giving back. This DeW generosity is what has made the DeW fundraisers so successful. In fact, so successful that we now need a systematic program to manage and scale future fundraisers.

This DGF website (presently under construction) will serve this purpose.

Here, at this site (coming soon), you will be able to:
 Non-profits: Apply to be considered as a featured charity
 Anyone: Register to donate raffle prizes
 DeW members: join our DGF committee
 Keep informed of current updates

This will be your go-to site for all things DGF, such as:

Make a Donation

Any DeW can make a raffle prize donation. Do you have a product or service that you would like to donate? We’d love to receive it. Our generous donators keep growing each year in quantity and the value of their donations. We invite you to join. Our upcoming site will allow you to easily complete a registration form. We will include your donation for the next DeW retreat and follow up with you with future directions. You do not have to be present to make a donation or to win a raffle prize donation.

Thank you in advance.

Non-Profit Partners

Are you a non-profit that would like to be considered to be featured at our next DeW retreat? Our upcoming site will allow you to submit an application. All applications will be reviewed by Anne Duffy (DeW/DGF founder) and the DGF committee, who will make the selections. Typically 3 non-profits per year are chosen. The non-profit founders must be a DeW. We then consider all applications for the next DeW retreat and follow up with future directions.

The Raffle and how it works

Anyone can make a donation to any of the 3 featured charities at any time. Our upcoming site will provide donation instructions. Prior to the retreat, save your receipt and email to If you attend the retreat, you will do this in person. Each raffle ticket is worth $10. We will allot you the dollar worth of your donation in raffle tickets at the retreat for you to enter in the donation prizes of your choice. If you cannot be present, we’ll do it for you. Raffle prizes are drawn at the conclusion of the retreat, and you do not have to be present to win.

Stay tuned for our new upcoming
Dew Good Fund (DGF) webpage!

About Shelly Otte

Shelly Otte is a lifetime member of AADOM, earned the distinction of AADOM Master, (MAADOM), and is the 2020 AADOM Office Manager of Distinction Award recipient. Presently, Shelly is the Partnership Success Manager for Smile Advantage, a dental membership platform company. Shelly loves being a DeW, and appeared on the Summer 2019 DeW Magazine Cover feature. Her top 5 Strengths are: Strategic, Positivity, Connectedness, Arranger, and WOO.

About Janet Hagerman

DeW, Janet Hagerman is known as THE Case Acceptance Coach for dentists and their teams. An international speaker, author, and consultant, Janet is the author of numerous articles, podcasts, webinars, and the signature books and programs Selling Dentistry, Meetings Make Money, and BLOOM. Janet is known for helping others to cultivate and bloom the power of their potential.