Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life!

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As we grow, it’s normal for our ambitions to change; as a result, the next chapter begins!

After almost 30 years of working as an RDH in private practice, I began a new chapter.  As someone who doesn’t like change, I was afraid of making a career change.  I practiced as a clinical RDH my entire career!  What did I know about starting a business or dental sales?  Wow, I was pleasantly surprised!  I started my Dental Hygiene Growth Consultancy, Polished, in 2019.  I learned how to write a business plan, build a website, and strategically market a business.  

Starting a new chapter helps you recognize and embrace the skills you never thought you had.  Starting something new can be scary; it will be bumpy, and there will be ups and downs, but you’ll end up with your hands in the air screaming for joy!

My most recent chapter was joining the GLO Science Professional Team as a Regional Sales Manager.  This beautiful new chapter in my professional career came just a few months ago, and I’m enjoying the ride!  I now recognize how beautiful new chapters can be and how qualified I was to make it happen.

If you’re on the fence about starting a new chapter, go for it!  The previous chapters will always be there.  You’re building on those earlier chapters, not deleting them.

Be Patient.  Focus on making progress, not on being perfect.  Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for progression.  It took me years to become the confident, efficient, and skillful Hygienist I am today.  I had to remind myself to be patient with my new endeavors constantly.  

Be Flexible.  Be able and ready to adapt.  While growing my business and sales customers, I took advantage of the opportunity to temp in my favorite dental practices.  Dental Hygiene is a terrific career for supporting lifestyle changes.  A little flexibility goes a long way!

Be Open-Minded.  Accept as many opportunities as possible for personal growth.   While I worked as an RDH, my employer offered me the opportunity to travel a few times a year to learn.  I traveled with the office for over ten years to study sales, communication, business organization, and leadership.  I am incredibly grateful.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without being open-minded and for the generosity of Dr. Ken Cirka.  It’s more than a degree that gets you places.  Your experiences in and out of the op will take you far!

Be Social.  Social networking helps connect you with like-minded individuals, customers, and peers.  It was social media connections that introduced me to GLO Science Professional.  Joining support groups and creating new professional relationships is an excellent opportunity for career growth.  Support groups are also perfect for a pick-me-up when you feel defeated.        

Believe.  Find your inner strength and embrace the journey.   Believe in yourself and the support system that you’ve created.  When you believe in yourself so profoundly, others can’t help but believe in you too.  Expect there will be fears, challenges, and ups and downs.  Ultimately, you will have the ride of your life and discover everything you can and did do!

About Kimerly Meehan

Kimberly is a Licensed Dental Hygienist in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with 30 years of clinical experience in the private practice setting and community dentistry projects. She is a Regional Sales Manager for GLO Science Professional and served on the Southern Component of the NJDHA as Vice President and CE Coordinator. Highly trained and passionate about communication, sales, business organization, management, and leadership, Kimberly loves helping teams implement strategies for practice growth and enhanced patient care. In 2019, she started a Dental Hygiene Growth Consultancy, Polished. Combining her knowledge and understanding to help the dental community thrive. Kimberly resides in Brooklawn, NJ, with her husband Jim, and French Bulldog, Sophie. She enjoys running, cycling, CrossFit, skiing, and relaxing on the beach during her downtime.