Is perfectionism a strength? Why are we holding ourselves to this impossible standard? Dental professionals are notoriously perfectionists and has a huge impact on the chronic burnout in the dental industry. Dr. Augustyn shows us that by being yourself and living authentically, you can beat burnout and spread joy and kindness in the world.

By investing in herself, Dr. Augustyn discusses her journey of self discovery. She shares how the more successful you are, the more support you need. Through support, help, and by surrounding yourself with the right people, it can lead to increased happiness and more success.

Dr. Maggie W. Augustyn is a practicing general dentist. She was also voted “America’s Best Dentist” and “America’s Top Dentists” based on superior training, experience, continuing education and commitment to excellence. She completed her formal dental education earning a doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Prior to that, she was awarded two Bachelor’s degrees (UIC and Benedictine University). In recent years, she has completed the course sequence at the renowned Dawson Academy’s continuum in oral equilibration and cosmetic dentistry. She completes at minimum of 30 hours of continuing education each year, much of which has varied spanning into orthodontics, implantology, periodontics, prosthodonticsas well as cosmetic dentistry. Her recent accolade includes the Rising Star Award (2015) from Benedictine University presented to an alumnus who has made considerable strides in their career and has demonstrated dedication to philanthropic endeavors. She’s also a moderator on Facebook groups “I Love Dentistry” and “Dental Nachos” with a combined member count of 30,000 dental professionals.


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