Destine Encounters: Hygienists Unite in Empowerment Through Fate’s Meeting

In DeWers by Danielle Avilla and Laura Bettencourt

In 2005, fate brought us together after attending our first year at separate universities to become teachers. Both of us had transferred to the Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene at MCPHS to become dental hygienists. Unaware that this one shift in our lives would change the trajectory of our beings and create a lifelong friendship. Laura’s infectious energy filled the front of the class, while Danielle, driven by a quiet determination, focused on learning and graduating, sat in the back of the class. Here are our strengths playing out right before our own eyes.

On a cold fall night, Laura worked at Capellini’s, a small local Italian restaurant. Danielle’s Dad, Arty, brought them together when he took Danielle to dinner, and Laura welcomed them at the hostess stand. This encounter was just the beginning of what would blossom into where we are today. Late-night study sessions, shared tears, laughter, and countless memories defined our journey through school. We both graduated with our Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene in 2008.

Initially, we both found what we believed was our forever homes in different clinical private practices, but life’s unexpected turns led us to the same clinical workplace. Laura was always searching for growth, and Danielle severely suffered from burnout. After many conversations, we knew that a change was needed and decided to act. We took the initiative and gained our career coaching certification from IAP, which is how LD Coaching was born.

Working together, we sensed a shared destiny beyond our current positions. Inspired by a mutual passion for personal and professional growth, we embarked on a transformative journey. Through self-discovery, courses, and career coaching certifications, we evolved into advocates for preventing burnout, fostering career flexibility, and providing optimal health to our patients as the true prevention specialists we are as hygienists. We would love to share our three main steps to help you grow and thrive within your career.

Steps to grow and thrive in your career:

Step 1: Shift your mindset and change your habits. It all starts with you. How are you showing up for yourself in your habits every day? We understand this may sound cliche, but there is so much truth to it. When you care for yourself, you show up better for yourself, your loved ones, your team, and your patients.

Step 2: discover innovations and technologies through continuous learning. Our passion for chairside hygiene reignited with the discovery of innovations and technologies. We realized there were numerous ways to elevate the standard of care we were providing our patients to be the true prevention specialists we desire to be. We became certified guided biofilm therapists and are practicing clinical hygienists who provide GBT care to all our patients. We also became laser-certified and are beyond excited to say we are taking a dental sleep course. We now utilize Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF), curodont, and glass ionomer sealants as preventative measures. AI technology has removed a lot of subjectivity from the equation and is an excellent tool to help your patients visually see what we see in color.

Step 3: invest in yourself. Take the course, book the trip to the conference, and invest in those ergo loupes or ergonomic saddle stool to help you design longevity in your career. Remember, we want to create continuous learning for ourselves to better our lives personally and professionally.

These are the main steps we have taken to grow and thrive within our careers and the foundation of our coaching when we work with our clients. If you have a burning desire to elevate the standard of care you provide or know you desire more, use these three steps to grow and thrive.

Diamond Dental Hygiene Career Coaching, now known as L’Diamante Coaching or LD Coaching, was born from this shared vision. Today, our story continues as we passionately give back, helping others navigate their careers and achieve the freedom and fulfillment they once sought. Please follow us on social media, Instagram @diamonddentalcoaching, LinkedIn: LD Coaching. Email us at or visit our website at


Laura Bettencourt, BSDH, RDH, leverages 15+ years of clinical proficiency and is co-founder of L’Diamante Dental Coaching. Specializing in cultivating connections and advancing careers, she excels in leadership and program development, emphasizing compliance, hygiene excellence, and periodontal protocols. Laura is on a mission to inspire personal growth, confidently empowering clients. Committed to education and mentorship, she instills a positive attitude in all aspects of life. For inquiries, contact Laura at


Danielle Avila, a registered dental hygienist with over 15 years of industry experience, not only is she a clinical practitioner; she’s also the co-founder of L’Diamante Dental Coaching. Specializing in fostering team cohesion and providing the space for others to build confidence, Danielle derives immense satisfaction from reigniting passion and helping others change their mindset. Her ultimate goal is to help all hygienists shine. For guidance and support, reach out to Danielle at