We invite you to come, to grow, and to expand your vision for the future at DeW Events!

We invite you to come, to grow, and to expand your vision for the future at DeW Events!

We invite you to come, to grow, and to expand your vision for the future at DeW Events!

5th Annual DeW Life Retreat

October 25-27, 2023 • Charlotte, NC

SOLD OUT! Registration Closed

Dew Retreat

Join us for our 5th Annual DeW Life Retreat!

The DeW Life Retreat will change your life through personal and professional development, inspiration, collaboration, and connection! You will discover your strengths, be empowered, and you will join this incredible community of DeWers.

We want to fill a void that exists regarding female leaders and inspirational voices. To show young ladies entering the profession that the opportunities are real. To encourage those already digging in to raise their voices and for those seasoned veterans to give back and refuse to quit, because as we know, DeWs never retire! We invite you to come, to grow, and to expand your vision for the future!

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DeW Life Learning Crew

September 8, 2023 at 11:30 am - 1 pm EST • Virtual Event

Dew Retreat

Every day we have the opportunity to live in alignment with our values, potential, and biggest, wildest dreams. Many of us still shrink ourselves in our careers, our relationships, or our goals because we haven't been taught to play BIG.

DeW hosts quarterly virtual events focused on personal development, professional development, and connection! Featuring two keynote speakers and breakout sessions, followed by a virtual happy hour to connect with your DeW community!

September Theme: Know Your Worth/Clearly Worthy
Leslie Thornton 1 DeW Life
Increasing Confidence Through Personal Alignment & Self Worth

SPEAKER: Allison Lacoursiere
Allison Lacoursiere is a professional coach with a focus on leadership and worthiness. As the founder of Clear Coaching she is an expert in helping Doctors and teams step into their greatest potential through powerful communication and mindset strategies. She has years of experience helping Dentists streamline their efficiency and increase their production using the Humans First methodology. She has a decade of dental experience, has a lifetime membership to AADOM, is certified as a Registered Dental Assistant, Orthodontic Assistant as well as Dental Office Management through the University of Toronto. Allison is a faculty member of Align technology, Upgrade Dental and the Dental Speakers Institute.

Leslie Thornton 1 DeW Life
Get out of your own way! How to get rid of fear and anxiety and Into productive action FAST using NLP!

SPEAKER: Leslie Thornton
Leslie M. Thornton is an NLP Trainer, Hypnotist, & certified executive coach, who has helped 100's of people around the world - overcome the mental obsession with food, body, and weight for good!

Leslie also certifies and train’s Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy R Techniques, and NLP Coaching.

The DeW Virtual Summit

Join us on our climb up the mountain of growth!

Reaching the Top, together.

Dew Retreat

Ain’t no mountain high enough that you can conquer it — especially when you’re supported by the knowledge, tips, and tools that our formidable line-up of summit speakers offers through amazing programs and breakout sessions. Because the answer is always in the room when you’re surrounded by the right people.

Come reach the top with us.

Together, we’ll tackle several topics in personal development and entrepreneurship, such as:

  • Why community is key - Vanessa Scott
  • Why investing in your brand’s identity is worth it - Joanna Scott
  • LinkedIn Level Up - Angela Mulrooney
  • Presenting yourself in a confident and authentic way - Deb Carrier
  • Unleashing creativity at warp speed with AI - Ash Kittle
  • And so much more!

Join us for a growth-focused, business-boosting day where you’ll access years of wisdom in 5 engaging hours, and lessons created for and taught by a community of expert women in the dentistry and entrepreneurial space.

Don't miss out on the invaluable insights from the DeW Summit - get the recording now and access all the expert advice that took place on April 28th!

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Love Letters from DeWs 💌

Dew Life Testimonial for Women in Dentistry retreat
Dew Life Testimonial for Women in Dentistry retreat