Fabulous Scrubs for Day-to-Day Wear

In She's an Entrepreneur, Style by Erinne Kennedy, DMD, MPH

Flash back to the 1950’s. Women were wearing perfect A-line dresses, sporting pin curls, and flashing flawless red lips. Today, we are lucky to throw on a pair of yoga pants and a top knot. And yes, yoga pants have become a staple in our culture because women today are doing more than ever. We have Day Designer planners that are double booked and schedules color-coded and tabbed to outline our next steps. but what if I told you there are three scrubs brands that can give you the glam of the 1950’s and the effortlessness of yoga pants?

Here you go, ladies.

One: Blue Sky Scrubs

woman wearing blue sky scrubs with white hem stitching

Blue Sky Scrubs are tried and true. I have been wearing Blue Sky for five years now, and they have amazing colors with unique white hem and pocket stitching. Ahhh-mazing. In fact, I can’t tell you home many times I’ve been asked, “Are you wearing jeans?” These are perfect for the doctor who alternates between business casual and scrubs. They are comfortable, but still functional in a surgery suite.

Two: Jaanuu
female model wearing black Jaanuu scrubs with gold zipper

Jaanuu are new to the market, and I am dying to get a pair. They are super trendy with popular prints, pencil pant,s and incredible gold detail in their zippers. This brand has the look and feel of business casual, but you are actually wearing scrubs. Jaanuu is the perfect fit for a doctor who is wearing scrubs full time. You can maintain a professional look and still have comfort and convenience.

Three: Figs

female model wearing comfy gray Figs scrubsFigs is a company determined to provide scrubs made with innovative technology, design, and comfort. Their outfits scream modern with clean lines, basic colors, and a fitted appearance. And what I love most? Figs is on a mission to give back to medical professionals in over 35 countries. For every set you buy, Figs gives a pair to a healthcare worker in need. Want to guess the next pair of scrubs I am going to try.

Ladies, I hope that you fall in love with a new pair of scrubs this week. I know you will look fabulous inside and out, so start browsing now!

Happy Shopping!

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