The Big Heart of the Small Practice….. & a K.I.S.S. from Dr. Betty

In Inspiration by Dr. Betty Orr

Reflections on my lunch with my friend, Dr. Nelson Eddy

Today, I had the extreme pleasure of seeing an old friend and colleague, Dr. Nelson Eddy, who hasn’t let me pay for a meal in twenty years. A gentleman AND a great periodontist.

We reminisced over lunch about the days when we each had our solo practice, our quaint offices across the street from one another and enjoying an easy word of mouth flow of grateful new patients. We each jumped on the growth wagon over the years and both admitted to a longing for the good old days…when the big heart of the small practice dominated the dental landscape.

Today, the simple art of the solo practice, once the pinnacle of a doctor’s achievement, is at risk for extinction, being taken over by complex technologies, hurry up healthcare and multi-doctor conglomerates. Today’s dental practice culture is far more growth minded and technology oriented than it was back in the day when a doctor could hang out his shingle and treat his patients like family.

Dangerously stressed with increasing overhead costs and increased public demand for affordability, the small practice culture is begging for a solution to sustain its standards of compassionate and quality care while competing with the deeper pockets of their corporate counterparts.

And so, in an effort to help small practice owners achieve their goals of big happiness in the face of massive competition, I offer the following advice:imprint of red lips on paper

K.I.S.S…Keep It Small and Simple. Care less about opening a third location and more about perfecting your one. Be patient, kind and connect with your patients. Put caring for others at the top of your list…great joy will come from this.

K.I.S.S….Keep It Small and Simple and make happiness your goal.

Keep your overhead low. And let Love flow.

Cartoon Albert Einstein peeking around a cornerI truly enjoyed my visit with Nelson today. It was nice to reminisce about the good ol’ days…and to nod in mutual understanding of what Albert Einstein truly meant when he said, “I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind.”

Wishing you Peace, Love and Happiness,

Dr. Betty Orr