“Reflect On Your Most Difficult Moment…

In Inspiration by Kendra McKune Flowers

…Knowing That You Survived, And Use It As Your Stepping Stone To Rise To The Next Level.”

As life continues, so does my story. In the past few months I have been lucky enough to be considered for non-clinical careers within dental hygiene. I am continuing my journey with The Tooth Fairy review, but it is important that I still have a source of income. My latest adventure involves a position as a Clinical Educator with American Eagle Instruments (AEI). I can travel the Southeast and teach dental professionals and educators how to use AEI technologies and refresh instrumentation techniques. This has allowed me to quit my full-time clinical job and temp on a more part-time basis.

I have worked with a life coach, Jamie Dooley, who is a fellow woman in dentistry. She has helped guide me into finding the person I am and the life that I want through her 30-day Manifesto program. My “ideal” life as she calls it included having a more flexible schedule and to teach post-licensed professionals. It is amazing what happens when you take to time to figure out what you really want and visualize it coming true. I can work fewer days and focus on my business and give my body a well-deserved break. Unfortunately, all the years of dentistry have caught up with me and I will be having back surgery soon, which only fuels my need/desire to get out of clinical completely.

Another twist life threw at me was having my sister and her three children moving in with my husband and I. Being the eldest of parentless children I become the go-to for all things family related. It is interesting that people say most sisters would not take care of their siblings. Luckily, I was raised by a woman who was selfless and an extremely supportive husband, so there was never a question. It has been a challenge but I am grateful. I love my family and am so glad that my nieces and nephew will have the opportunity to get to know my husband and I and have two strong women in the lives. My sister, husband and I like to call it co-parenting and I am having fun! We let them know there will always be someone around for them and we will always be watching. I know having children in your life is a great joy and struggle and I know I will have plenty of stories for all of you in the future.

There is something that I must mention. I have been on the struggle bus and for some time. I have struggled with anxiety and depression my whole life. In the last 3-4 years I have made it a priority to focus on gratitude and a positive mindset. Depending on the time of year and stress in my life, I have a hard time staying positive. A recent new medication and all the new changes in my life, including trying to sell my house on top of everything else, caused me to spiral into a negative tornado. I call it that because it feels like I’m pulling everyone around me into my negative place and leaving a mess behind. This causes me to lose all motivation and drive and a snowball effect starts because then I am more upset because I am not doing anything. I wanted to write about this because people are always telling me they do not know how I do so much and I amazing, no I am literally just like everyone else. I have set-backs and life struggles just like everyone else. I have to fight my way out of the depression and lack of motivation and remember why I was doing it in the first place. What I keep hearing at all the conferences, books, podcasts, and from mentors is find your why. My why is to provide for my family and make a difference in my colleagues’ lives. Your why is what drives you to keep coming back even when it is the last thing you want to do.

“Reflect on your most difficult moment, knowing that you survived, and use it as your stepping stone to rise to the next level.”