Is Holiday Stress Making You Scream? Get the List and Check It Twice!

In Health, She's Enjoying the Journey by Dr. Jill Wade

Do you feel like screaming as the holidays get closer? One photo of my twins with their little faces screwed up, bawling reminds me to keep calm and carry on during the last quarter of the year. Why do we allow the holidays to stress us out? It should be a jolly season with a beautiful reason.

But we all do it to ourselves. We put so much pressure on ourselves to buy the perfect gifts for everyone, send out the cards, clean up the house, decorate it, organize for parties and family visits, make massive trips to the grocery store, meticulously wrap the presents. . . . It’s enough to make any elf go crazy.

So, let’s step back and analyze what we can do now to help control our holiday stress, while keeping us healthier and happier this holiday season.

One: Gratitude writing

First let’s start each day by counting our blessings. Take a few minutes each morning and literally write down people that you are blessed to have in your life. Then pick one situation the day before that might have felt not so blessed. Now, change your thought process about what you learned from that situation and how that realization is a blessing.

Remember gratitude is an attitude, and you spend a ton more energy being mad than you do being happy.

Two: Consistent bedtime

Typically, the more things we have to do the later we go to bed. Science shows that consistent bedtimes lead to health, for children and adults. Your body’s immune system only resets at night when you sleep. Therefore, you have got to give it a chance to do its job. Late night frantic motion doesn’t mean you are going to get more done. If you are rested, your brain functions faster, and you will probably do a better job in less time.

Three: Intermittent fasting

What!? How dare I suggest a eating diet-like concept smack in the middle of this festive season? If that doesn’t add holiday stress, what would?

Hear me out for a moment. That is exactly my point. We are going to eat all kinds of amazing food, beverages, and desserts. So, limit the time you eat them not necessarily what you eat. Give your body at least 12-16 hours of free time to focus on healing and balancing other bodily functions rather than constant digestion. Do the research. It is out there that intermittent feeding does work to keep the pounds from accumulating.

Four: Make a list

Making a list and checking it twice. Find help and support to carry out the needed projects that are keeping you feeling stressed out this holiday season. You need more support, not more responsibility. Take some of the weight off your own shoulders and share the load. As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats and have tons of details to take care of. I bet many of these items on your personal lists could be performed by others in your life.

Let’s start off with a list of to do items around the house. List them ALL. Now sit down and see who else could do them. Next, make a list of what is needed to take care of the kids. Everything! Sit down with your spouse, family, and support and discuss who else can perform some of these tasks. Yes! Your kids and spouse are more capable of doing more things for themselves on a daily basis. You simply have to communicate your needs. If you never say it, how does somebody else know you need the help? Don’t be a victim this holiday season.

If you commit to performing these four holiday stress relievers, you might just find yourself enjoying the holidays. There is no need to feel like screaming; instead, you’ll be sitting on Santa’s lap and asking for what you are dreaming of.

Blessings to you and happy (stress-free) holidays!

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