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Team Respect and Culture

Thank you, Anne Duffy, for inviting me to host a series of blogs to address entrepreneurial issues facing women in dentistry; what a treat! This month we kick off with the topic of team respect and culture.

Ever wish you could wave a magic wand and reset the tone in the practice? Well, maybe you can. I call it Monday morning reset. Listen to this quick 4 minute video for details and creative ideas on how to implement.

At the heart of all team issues is business culture. What a big topic, right? So let’s break it down, how can we quickly improve morale and create an environment that compels us to come to the office each day?

So how do you create respect and a healthy office culture?

Starting at the beginning, here’s the checklist:

  • Hire well: truly, only hire grown ups who know how to manage their emotions, or are willing to learn!
  • Onboard well: set expectations up front; expect employees to be on time, refreshed, ready to take care of patients, expect teamwork, expect them to keep gossip and hurtful opinions to themselves!
  • Train well: we teach people (employees and patients) how to treat us. Provide ongoing skill building CE to enhance work skills, and personal growth opportunities. Everyone wants to grow as a human being!
  • Celebrate well: Remember, that which gets rewarded gets repeated. Make sure you are focusing your time and attention on the behaviors and results that you want repeated. Oftentimes, we spend too much time on the mistakes and rewarding bad behavior with our time and attention. Cut it out – Put the spotlight on your great employees, the naysayers will soon get the hint.
  • Dismiss well: Values driven companies know their core values and do not tolerate people who breach them. If the values of: trust, integrity, honesty, and respect (for example) are a part of your core values; and an employee is stealing (time, money, energy, trust) from you – then it is a gift to the rest of the team to help them gracefully exit.

Leadership becomes easier when you lay a great foundation. Again, I invite you to check out this quick video on ideas to reset the team tone with a Monday Morning Reset.

Victoria Peterson, SsD (aka: Vicki McManus Peterson) is the co-founder of Productive Dentist Academy. Actively combining her Doctorate in Spiritual Studies with Entreprenuership, Victoria enjoys coaching leaders in their journey. Her company has been listed on Inc5000 list of fastest growing private companies four times, and was awarded the silver stevie 2013 Female Entreprenuer of the Year. Got a hot topic you’d like

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