The Power of “With”

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Over the next several Tuesdays we will be bringing you the articles from the Spring 2020 issue of DewLife!  We will kick-off with a short note from Minal Sampat on how the amazing cover came together.


In the Indian culture, we have a saying: “Takat ek ungli se nahi balki band mutthi se banti hai.” Roughly translated, it means “You can’t land a powerful punch using just one finger.”

I think about this saying often. Over the past decade, I’ve learned that the secret to success isn’t to stand out; it’s to stand with.

I grew up with a massive extended family and met more new relatives at every wedding I attended. Looking back, I realize that this was the foundation my confidence was built upon. I always knew that, no matter what, I had this apparently endless network of people who would help me get back up after a fall.

What if every entrepreneur woman had that kind of security?

Imagine the world we would have if every woman with big dreams knew, without a doubt, that no matter what happened everything would turn out okay. We can do that, right here in our industry.

We can be the extended network that makes it safe for women to take leaps. This takes trust, which is built by real, honest conversations about our imperfections and failures. It also takes catching one another when we fall and including one another in our successes.

I asked Katrina Sanders and Jasmin Haley to join me on this issue’s cover because it’s incredible to appear side-by-side with women I admire. We’re working during the same moment in history, in the same industry, and doing amazing things. To be a part of something like this with them is, to me, a measure of success. Look how far we’ve come together!

We all have people with whom we feel wondrously lucky to be associated and people we have to thank for inspiring us. When we wield the power of influence, I think it’s our responsibility and our privilege to be inclusive in our spotlight. That’s how we make progress.

Together, we are much more powerful than we are alone. By standing with one another, we can deliver punch after full-fisted punch into the future of women in entrepreneurship.


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